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This is a female figure suspended in the air, carrying in her womb the light.‎ It’s nimble, refined, addictive.‎ The solid crystal, illuminated by LEDs, creates suggestive refractions and it’s suspended between brass stems finished in contrasting colours.‎ Each lamp is numbered and hides its own identity stamp that seals and guarantees authenticity and uniqueness.‎

ZC214239 - Pendant Light

  • Fixture

    - Dimensions: Ø100 x H1500 cm

    - Construction: Brass, Crystal

    - Finish: Brass/ Black

  • Luminaire

    - Input Voltage: 220V AC

    - Lamp Source: LED Chip

  • Additional Info

    - Cable Length: 1.5m

    - Installation: Pendant Mount

  • Download

  • The colour temperature of the lighting will be 3000K if not specified.

  • Z Colon reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.

  • For special requests, please specify on the checkout section or contact us directly.

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