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Bespoke Chandeliers


From Italian and related factories' furnaces, our bespoke glass chandeliers and lamps are made. We have been producing handcrafted glass, classic Murano style chandeliers through to contemporary designs for over years.

Blown Glass Chandeliers


Z. Colon’s innovative factories also produce bespoke crystal chandeliers using crystal blends that is both technological and ecological and no longer includes lead oxide. This process enhances the crystal chandeliers transparency resulting in a significant reduction of oxidation.


Chandelier Colours & Finishes

Your bespoke chandeliers and crystal designs can either be specially manufactured or sprayed to match most colours. Popular options are black, cream, white, bronzes, and blue chandeliers. Our factory can also offer finishes in clear glass using techniques such as sandblasting, frosting and etching. All chandeliers can be fitted with the option of traditional light bulbs or modern LED units.

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