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LED Lighting Solutions


Z. Colon, with over 10 years in business has undertaken countless bespoke LED lighting projects to meet the demands of both clients and also the industries surge for individuality in bespoke lighting.


We love nothing more than taking an initial drawing through to seeing a LED fixture installed.

Customised LED lighting

Our experienced craftsmen and designers have seen the creation of some truly breathtaking bespoke LED lighting fixtures. When you work with Z. Colon you are not only combining our wealth of knowledge but manufacturers that are at the forefront of customized LED lighting solutions.


Z. Colon is able to customize LED light fixtures to suit every need. From changing the colour temperature in a domestic or commercial space to providing different optics within light fixtures to narrow or widen the beam of light to suit. We can incorporate heat sinks into a fixture to prevent the LEDs from overheating. Z. Colon’s expert team can give guidance to ensure the quality of light is high by using LEDs with high CRI (colour correlated index), and low SDCM (how different the colour of light is between each LED within a fixture). And finally, recommendations on compatibility with different dimming systems (TRIAC, 1-10V, DALI).

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