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all about Z. Colon

We began our journey as a company named Lightcraft International Limited in Hong Kong. At that time our specialty was distributing the world’s premier brands of architectural lightings and Tools to Hong Kong and Macau. A few years later we started to assist designers to develop decorative lighting for hospitality projects. Since then, and once consolidated in this sector, we centralized production and international distribution of our decorative lighting products.




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Our mission is to deliver artisan crafted, highly engineered, sophisticated yet simple lighting design solutions. our workshop's inspiration is fueled by an obsession with natural materials such as woods, marble, ceramic, and fabrics along with a love for artisan craftsmanship. However, our main materials continue to be metal and glass, combined in a diversion of solidity and lightness that results in elegant and timeless pieces.


At Z. Colon, we believe in the commitment of companies as part of the change towards a greener future. For this reason, we have developed a strategic plan to promote the change of the company towards a more sustainable model in the coming years.

Glad to talk to you

Do you have questions about our professional collection, certificates, materials, distributors, and agents? Contact us: we are happy to help you develop your idea or project. We put our technical and commercial areas at your disposal.

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