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Pendant lamps are available in three sizes, it is painted aluminum extrusion, whose continuous line is made through a three-dimensional machining process on the basis of the geometric principle of the Moebius strip. Available in “up” versions with an upward light source and downward “down” versions in matt white, black and gold painted finishes.

ZC213968 - Pendant Light - Large

  • Fixture

    - Dimensions: Ø100 cm

    - Construction: Metal

    - Finish: Black

  • Luminaire

    - Input Voltage: 220V AC

    - Lamp Source: LED Strip

    - Power: 120W

  • Additional Info

    - Installation: Pendant Mount

  • Download

  • The colour temperature of the lighting will be 3000K if not specified.

  • Z Colon reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.

  • For special requests, please specify on the checkout section or contact us directly.

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