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The Flock of Light suspension lamp is inspired by luminous swarms of fireflies. This unique lamp captures the typical light of summer evenings in its dreamy interplay of light sources. Studio Toer developed a design project that is perfect for any space. In fact, Flock of Light comes in two versions: Flock of Light 11 and Flock of Light 21.

ZC214711 - Pendant Light - Large - B

  • Fixture

    - Dimensions: L1300 x W800 x H850 mm (Modifiable)

    - Construction: Brass

    - Finish: Golden

  • Luminaire

    - Input Voltage: 220V AC

    - Lamp Source: 21 x LED modules

  • Additional Info

    - Installation: Pendant Mount

  • Download

  • The colour temperature of the lighting will be 3000K if not specified.

  • Z Colon reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.

  • For special requests, please specify on the checkout section or contact us directly.

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